We are committed to strengthening our corporate culture and sensitising the community towards a more resource-conscious approach.

Environmentally sustainable. Together.

A historic cultural change is taking place, involving society and the business world.

At Digital Value, we are accelerating a new business model geared towards the widespread diffusion of sustainable technological innovation, both in terms of profitability and within our customers’ processes. It is precisely in our approach to them that we constantly seek to count ourselves among the Sustainable Partners by selecting eco-friendly products and proposing solutions for a lower environmental impact or compensation programmes, so that they do not have to compromise between the technology they need to ensure the efficiency of their systems and their concern for the world in which we live.

Trees planted

Products regenerated (YoY)

Trees planted

Products regenerated (YoY)


We protect the environment and help customers to do so

We reduce the environmental impact of our technology projects through programmes aimed at reducing waste and offsetting emissions.

Investor Relations

Digital Value has been listed on the stock exchange since 2018. Become an investor of a company whose turnover is growing strongly.


We promote a path to concretely foster equal treatment and opportunities between genders throughout the company organisation.