Reference Markets

Digital Value addresses predominantly to the Big customers, with the exception of ERP supply, directed to medium business. Thanks to its “know how”, the Group is the reference point in the following branches of Market:

  • Telecommunications and Utilities:
    Reference partner of the main operators of Tlc and Utilities, operating on Italian Market. Tlc and Utilities companies have a growing central role in offering IT and Tlc integrated services with important prospective pipeline of investments.
    Large Account Industry:
    Partner of the main Italian operator, working on large account industry branch, which represent the growing needs of investment in ICT Solutions. IT Services: covering specific value added areas
    Business Applications: Enterprise Market’s coverage.
    Central Public Management:
    Reference point through the participation to Competitions and Consip tender, thanks to a dedicated Finance & Legal team with laudable success on this branch.
    Growing Market’s branch such as share of wallet and such as Portfolio Customer’s enlargement.