Digital Value comes from the integration of two primary companies in the Technology & Service Solutions sector, Italware S.r.l. and ITD Solutions S.p.A., both operative in large account branches (Top Clients, organisations with over 500 employees), part of the Market that records the highest rate of growth expected in the next three years (>5%) and attracts 53% of the total of the Italian Market.

Inside this branch, Digital Value focuses on industrial sectors with more investment capacity, such as Utilities and TIc, with supervision of areas as Finance, Automotive, Defence & Security, that needs more skills within integrated supply of Technologies, IT Services and Solutions.

Thanks to their positioning, Digital Value wants to intercept Market’s more dynamic drivers (double digit growth), such as Managed Services, Cloud, Security and IoT, accelerating their growth and building a reference aggregating point in its industry.

* Source: Sirmi