Massimo Bareato

Massimo Bareato graduated in Business and Economics studies from Roma la Sapienza University in 1991.
Being a Chartered Accountant and Accounting Auditor, he attended a master class in the field of bankruptcy law and special management of large companies in crisis.

During his career, he gained a significant experience in different fields, specializing as technical consultant at Civil and Criminal Court in administrative, financial and banking matters. He is ISVAP and CCSE Consultant. He is skilled in fiscal, tax, company, foundation and bank consultancy, corporate recovery and industrial reorganization. He is an enrolled member of the Arbitration Panel of the Surveillance Authority for public service agreements. He was an enrolled member of CONSOB Arbitration Panel. He is currently official receiver of the Courts of Velletri and Rome.

Among the positions he held during his career, he was a Member of the Board of Statutory Auditors in the consolidation plan of Italimprese S.p.A., Mario Rendo S.a.p.a. and Confin S.p.A, and Falpa; Della Edisi S.p.A, ICE IT S.p.A. and of the S.C.A.R.L. Piloti Alitalia.Massimo Bareato was Chairman of the Board of Statutory Auditors of AFT S.r.l., Chairman of Auditors Committee of Federazione Italiana Sport Silenziosi CONI.Consultant and advisor of the Cassa di Risparmio di Volterra Foundation in the process of divestment of 25% of the Cassa’s participation; Director of the Supervisory Institute of the City of Rome – Metronotte soc. Coop.; Managing Director of Stube S.p.A.; Statutory advisor of Casilina Presagomati Spa and Bei & Nannini spa; Chairman of the Board of Statutory Auditors of Finluc spa.Massimo Bareato was appointed Sole Director of Immobiliare Banchi Vecchi S.r.l. Finally, he was Liquidator of Albafor spa (training company with public participation), director and sole auditor of Formalba srl ​​until 31/08/2017, a company  operating in the training sector as well; liquidator of Volsca Ambiente Spa (environmental company and waste collection with public participation).Bareato has been Liquidator of both Casilina Presagomati srl since December 16, 2013 and Presagomato Estero srl since November 28, 2014 (which are companies operating in the iron and steel industry). He also has been Liquidator of TBM srl (since July 15, 2013, health company).In 2018 he became Director after being Sole Statutory Auditor of the same company.Massimo Bareato is the Sole Auditor of Rossi srl (IT sector) since September 2016 and Sirio Coop. from July 2016. Sole Statutory Auditor of Unindustria Partecipazioni (IT company) since May 2015; Sole Auditor of the training company Formalba srl ​​from September 2017. Liquidator of the winding up companies Conche srl and Piccolo lago srl from June 2018 (real estate sector).Appointed Member of the Statutory Auditors’ Board by the Italian Water Skiing and bowling Federations, and by some other worthy Associations of CONI and Fondaereo.Chairman of Statutory Auditors’ Board of ASSIV and E.BI.TE.V.Currently he is Director of Digital Value S.p.a.